Monday, February 9, 2009

Antediluvian occupation of Erinn

The next book of considerable antiquity that we find reference to is that called the CIN DROMA SNECHTA or Cin of Drom Snechta. The word Cin, pron in Engl Kin, is explained in our ancient Glossaries as signifying a stave of five sheets of vellum and the name of this book would signify therefore the Vellum stave Book of Drom Snechta Tne words Drom Snechta signify the snow capped hill or mountain ridge and it is believed to have been the name of a mountain situated in the present county of Monaghan. The Cin of Drom Snechta is quoted in the Book of Ballymote fol 12 a in support of the ancient legend of the antediluvian occupation of Erinn by the Lady Banbha who is, however, in other Books called Cesair, pron Kesar. There are also two references to it in the Book of Lecan. The first of these fol 271 b is in the same words preserved in the Book of Ballymote From the Cin of Drom Snechta is taken this little bit as far as Cesair See APPENDIX No IX The second is fol 77 b col 2 where the writer says in summing up the genealogies of some of the families of Connacht that he compiled them from the Chronicles of the Gaedhil.

O’Curry, Eugene, M.R.I.A., Lectures on The Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History, delivered at the Catholic Uniersity of Ireland, during the sessions of 1855 and 1856, P.13.

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