Friday, July 24, 2009

A new ideology - connecting with the past to benefit the future

Something exciting is happening amidst all the current gloom surrounding the economic state of the world. A new energy is stirring, something ancient is awakening, and we have the opportunity to free ourselves from the entrapment of a belief system which insists that our predicament is dire.

Read enough headlines informing you of doom and gloom and pretty soon you'll begin to believe it all.

But is there another way?

For the past while, I have been trying to "plug in" to cosmic energy. I have come to believe, based largely upon my study of the ancient monuments and myths and landscapes of Ireland, that the people who inhabited this island in far-off times were tuned to the cosmic harmony. In essence, cosmos embodies everything. We are part of it, it is part of us. Cosmos is everyone, everyone is cosmos. The smallest particles, from which everything is derived, including us, are "star dust", the stuff of the cosmos. We are at one with cosmos, and it is at one with us. It's just that most people don't realise it.

A great number of people in the modern age have become detached from the cosmos. We lost our way a good long time ago. We beat a new path through the nettles and have become masters of our own destiny. However, we have threatened our very existence and survival by daring to think that we could achieve independence from the cosmos. We wish to become masters of everything. Perhaps, through the ultimate folly, we have put ourselves above cosmos, something which is impossible. Typical of humanity, we want to become masters of everything.

But what if a situation could exist where we were masters of nothing, arriving at a scenario where we are simply at one with everything? Sounds preposterous, right? Impossible maybe? Ridiculous to contemplate?

In such a scenario, the cosmos then truly becomes part of us, or all of us, because we accept we are cosmos and cosmos is us. Nobody is master of anybody anymore. We simply tune to the frequency of cosmos and enjoy the present moment which seems in the current scenario to be a moment full of dread, fear, procrastination, regret, loathing, and dreaming of happiness which is never found.

During the so-called "Celtic Tiger" years, we abandoned all rationale and all sense of restraint and any connection with our true selves and the cosmos. We decided that crass materialism could fill that "hole in the man" spoken about in the Apocalypto film clip below.

But after a decade or so of squander and greed and all sorts of ridiculous excesses, we've come out the other side with the same hole in our selves. That same seemingly unquenchable thirst within us, the longing for something which we cannot satiate.

The Celtic Tiger ideology is a redundant ideology. Its premises are empty. Its promises unfulfilled. We are lost, wandering along a road whose destination is unclear. Many are depressed. People have fled the church, whose ideology is also largely redundant, mostly because it is an ideology filled with negativity and self-loathing and judgment. Where do we go now?

There is an great awakening occurring in Ireland. A great sense of something wonderful, something very ancient, something cosmic. A new ideology is possible, founded on pure and natural principles. It's not an egotistical principle, nor a creed of leaders and followers, of priests and flock. No, it's something that is within us all, as individuals. It's the power of the cosmos.

The only reason we exist at all is because the cosmos exists. Cosmos is not something "out there" (pointing to sky). It is something "in here" (pointing to chest). Yes, we are it, and it is us. When we die, our bodies will become dust, and in the words of Aivanhov (paraphrased!), even if we could be ground down into the smallest particles, not one of those minuscule particles could be destroyed. Our component parts will continue to exist as long as cosmos continues to exist, and our component parts have existed since cosmos began to exist. Maybe we have existed forever?

I am asking you all to do one thing now, which I am trying to do myself. Think of those billions of cosmic parts of which you are composed as channels. Tune to the cosmic frequency. Call in the cosmic energy. Become one with the cosmos and allow its positive energies to flow through your every constituent part.

Do not, for a moment, think about your negative aspects, or your faults and failures, or your bad qualities. Just accept that you are human, and that humans have their flaws, and come to love yourself for what you are, warts and all.

I spent years under the capture of a different ideology thinking about my faults and failures, loathing myself, and constantly asking for forgiveness for those failures. It was a very negative experience, looking at yourself as something bad.

Another experience is possible. An experience where you look at yourself as fundamentally pure, with some flaws, but concentrating on developing and nurturing the good, and not dwelling on the bad. In that way you can connect with the things for which you were best designed, and exist in better harmony with cosmos.

I am on a journey. It's a fascinating journey, awe-inspiring and deeply moving. It stirs my very soul. I am reconnecting with cosmos, slowly but surely. In doing so, I am reconnecting with all my ancestors, right back to those who walked the earth in the very earliest days. I am metaphorically living their existences, beholding their sights, breathing their air, in order to get a better sense of the timelessness of cosmos and the everlasting nature of existence. It's a fantastic adventure.

I find that the best places to reconnect with cosmic energy are those which are sacred and ancient, and more especially those which have not been spoiled by the "tourist" experience.

Do me a favour this weekend. Find one of those sacred and ancient spots of Ireland, or wherever you live, and take a moment out of your hectic life and just think about being part of something vast and ancient. Let the cosmic energy flow through you. Connect with something pure and timeless. Let go of your preconditions and just ask the cosmos to point you in the right direction. Think of yourself as cosmos and think of cosmos as you. You are it and it is you. You are at one. You need not fear to ask for something from it. You know that you won't ask it for a million euro, or for a new mansion, or for that dream car. You know it doesn't work like that. But you know also there is a way to happiness. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy this beautiful connection with the cosmos. And just ask it to point you in the right direction . . .


  1. Hello Anthony,

    Nice blog, it deals with a very interesting topic! I love a good cosmic mystery myself, and look forward to your newest literary endeavor. I hope you're still pursuing it!

    I have a few questions for you-

    What do you think of the Nemedians, and does the prophet of the Nemedians play a part in the Irish Creation Myth?

    How about the story of the Mata, the demon/monster with one hundred legs that springs from a mythical lake?

    Thanks, and hope you update your blog soon!


  2. Drat, by 'literary endeavor' I meant the new book you're working on.


  3. nice posting,just keep it up.

  4. Your words and message are very beautiful--I believe you are right about a new Awakening going on--it is occurring all over the world,
    in nearly every country...something exciting is going to happen--I can feel it soon!

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